Customer: Red Crescent Hospital 

Location: Palestine

Company Size: 80-100

Industry:  Healthcare

Product & Services: Low-Code Development

"PRCS, an internationally recognized Palestinian National Society, delivers humanitarian aid, healthcare, and social services, upholding international principles and conventions."

Unleashing Efficiency in Healthcare Systems


The Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) stands as a beacon of humanitarian service, officially recognized and operating as an independent Palestinian National Society within the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. With legal personality and adherence to the Geneva Conventions and the Movement's Fundamental Principles, PRCS operates both in Palestine and the diaspora, guided by the principles of Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity, and Universality.

At a crucial juncture, Red Crescent Hospital approached us with a unique set of challenges. As an UN-funded, non-profit organization with a mission to provide essential humanitarian assistance, health, and social services to Palestinians in need, they were grappling with legacy systems. The software in place dated back to 1997, creating operational hurdles and hindering the efficiency required for their critical mission. In the face of these challenges, PRCS embarked on a transformative journey with us to modernize their systems, ensuring they could continue their vital work seamlessly and effectively. This is the story of how we partnered with PRCS to bring about a digital evolution, enhancing their capacity to alleviate human suffering, protect life and health, and uphold the dignity of those they serve.


Legacy Software Struggle
Red Crescent Hospital grappled with the limitations of an outdated software system dating back to 1997. The aging infrastructure posed significant challenges, including compatibility issues with modern technologies and a lack of support for contemporary operational needs. This legacy software became a barrier to achieving optimal efficiency and hindered the organization's ability to leverage advanced tools and functionalities available in more modern systems.

Integration and Flexibility Issues
The existing system lacked the flexibility required for seamless integration across departments. The rigidity of the software architecture made it challenging to adapt to evolving operational needs. This lack of adaptability affected the smooth functionality of different departments, leading to operational silos. The absence of a unified and integrated system hindered efficient collaboration among departments and resulted in disjointed databases, impacting overall organizational coherence and effectiveness.


In response to the multifaceted challenges faced by Red Crescent Hospital, a strategic decision was made to leverage the Power Platform, specifically embracing low-code development solutions. This innovative approach empowered Red Crescent Hospital to navigate the complexities associated with their legacy software. The Power Platform's low-code capabilities facilitated a streamlined and agile development process, allowing for the creation of tailored solutions to address specific operational challenges. The flexibility of low-code development not only ensured compatibility with modern technologies but also provided a dynamic framework for integrating diverse functionalities across departments. This transformative solution not only modernized Red Crescent Hospital systems but also laid the foundation for a more agile, integrated, and efficient operational landscape, aligning with their mission of delivering humanitarian assistance and essential services to those in need.


Adaptability and Savings
Red Crescent Hospital's shift to a cloud-based system led to substantial cost savings, a critical factor in healthcare management. This transition allowed the hospital to efficiently allocate resources while ensuring scalability and mission-critical performance. These cost savings weren't just happenstance but a deliberate effort to enhance the hospital's long-term financial stability, making them more agile in responding to healthcare challenges.

Innovation with Governance
The adoption of the Microsoft Power Platform was a transformative milestone for Red Crescent Hospital. It facilitated an environment where innovation thrived while maintaining stringent governance. This equilibrium allowed the hospital to be at the forefront of healthcare technology by embracing new solutions and approaches without compromising data security and regulatory compliance. The hospital's commitment to governance made sure patient data remained secure, and regulatory obligations were met without compromise.

Citizen-Developer Collaboration
The integration of the Power Platform nurtured a culture of collaboration, bringing together citizen developers and IT professionals. This alliance resulted in the development of sophisticated, customized healthcare solutions. These applications significantly improved patient care, streamlined operational workflows, and boosted efficiency. Simultaneously, they encouraged innovation, fostering partnerships across various functional areas, ultimately advancing the hospital's capabilities in patient management and healthcare delivery.

Outcomes (KPIs)
The adoption of the low-code Microsoft Power Platform delivered transformative outcomes for Red Crescent Hospital. Application modernization, one of the key KPIs, signified the hospital's transition from antiquated systems to contemporary, mission-critical solutions. This modernization process streamlined software development, eliminating redundancies and improving the utilization of resources for projects crucial to healthcare. It fostered a more agile and efficient approach to addressing the hospital's needs, both in patient care and operational management.

"Red Crescent Hospital's shift to the Microsoft Power Platform was a game-changer. It brought cost savings, innovation with governance, and fostered collaboration between citizen developers and IT professionals. This low-code solution streamlined our healthcare operations, improving patient care and efficiency. A transformative journey indeed."


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