Customer: ZICTA

Location: Zambia

Company Size: 51-200

Industry:  Information Technology & Services

Product & Services: Low-Code Development

“The Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA), an ICT Regulatory body responsible for regulating the ICT Sector in Zambia."

Transforming Regulatory Excellence with Low-Code Solutions


In the fast-paced landscape of regulatory authority, the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) found itself standing at a pivotal juncture. ZICTA, entrusted with regulating Zambia's dynamic communications technology sector, recognized the need for transformation. They aimed to modernize their operations, foster collaboration across departments, and efficiently manage critical data. To embark on this ambitious journey, ZICTA turned to DeFacto, a trusted technology partner.


In an era marked by the rapid advancement of technology and communications, regulatory bodies face unprecedented challenges. Customers and stakeholders demand streamlined access, transparent processes, and efficient issue resolution. ZICTA understood that merely meeting these expectations was not enough; they needed to set new standards of excellence in regulatory authority.


ZICTA, aware of the complexity of their mission, sought guidance from DeFacto. After a comprehensive assessment of their unique challenges, DeFacto recommended the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This was not just a conventional CRM solution; it was a sophisticated extended Relationship Management (xRM) platform that perfectly aligned with ZICTA's vision. Its internet accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility, especially with xRM extensibility modifications, made it the ideal choice.

The heart of the solution lay in the creation of a dynamic customer self-service portal. This portal seamlessly integrated with ZICTA's existing environment, creating a centralized hub for data management. This transformation empowered ZICTA to rethink their interactions with stakeholders and provide a connected experience that enhanced regulatory transparency and efficiency.

Benefits and Impacts for All Personas

Adapt and Differentiate:

ZICTA's leadership found newfound agility in their ability to adapt to the rapidly changing regulatory landscape. By leveraging Microsoft Dynamics CRM, they could respond swiftly to evolving regulations and industry dynamics, ensuring compliance and efficiency. Additionally, the cost savings achieved through streamlined operations allowed ZICTA to allocate resources strategically, invest in innovation, and differentiate their services. The platform enabled the creation of scalable and mission-critical solutions, giving ZICTA a competitive edge in delivering unique, value-added services to their stakeholders.

Drive Innovation:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM transformed ZICTA's technical teams into innovators. The platform provided a collaborative environment where technical experts could seamlessly work alongside citizen developers, breaking down traditional silos. This collaboration fostered a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. Technical teams were no longer constrained by rigid processes; instead, they could explore creative solutions, experiment with emerging technologies, and rapidly develop and deploy new applications. This drive for innovation became a cornerstone of ZICTA's operations, helping them stay at the forefront of regulatory advancements.

Empower Citizen Developers:

Stakeholders engaging with ZICTA, including citizen developers and industry participants, benefited from a more transparent, efficient, and responsive regulatory authority. The transformation brought about by Microsoft Dynamics CRM enhanced the overall trust and confidence in ZICTA's regulatory processes. Citizen developers, often industry experts, could actively engage with ZICTA's technical teams to contribute to the development of advanced solutions. This empowerment not only streamlined regulatory compliance but also fostered a sense of collaboration and partnership between ZICTA and its stakeholders. The result was a regulatory authority that was more accessible, responsive, and aligned with the needs of its constituents.

Measurable Success: Outcome/KPI

Application Modernization:

Application Modernization with Microsoft Dynamics CRM entailed a transformative shift for ZICTA, where legacy systems were replaced with a scalable, integrated platform. This modernization allowed ZICTA to develop and deploy solutions at scale, liberating professional developers from routine tasks and enabling them to focus on mission-critical projects. As a result, efficiency soared, manual processes were automated, and the organization became more adaptable to evolving regulatory requirements, ensuring ZICTA's continued effectiveness in a dynamic regulatory landscape.

"In our mission to enhance regulatory excellence, we needed a partner who understood the complex demands of our sector. DeFacto brought not only technological expertise but also a strategic vision that aligned perfectly with our goals. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we've achieved more than just modernization; we've set new standards for regulatory efficiency and transparency."

- CEO, Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA)

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