Customer: Vanden Global

Location: Hong Kong, Malaysia, UK, Finland, Australia.

Company Size: 51-200

Industry:  Renewables & Environment

Product & Services: Low Code Development

“Vanden Global, a dynamic international waste management company supporting waste generators with a primary focus on plastics."

Low-Code Solutions: A Step Towards Sustainable Waste Management


In 2005, Vanden Global (Recycling) emerged onto the international stage as a formidable waste management company, orchestrating the entire gamut of waste processing, from procurement to product sales. Their journey was marked by exponential growth, but as their operations sprawled across multiple locations, a once-effective system based on intricate Excel sheets began to creak under the weight of complexity. Decentralized data, limited collaboration avenues, and the absence of real-time updates emerged as formidable roadblocks to their ambition of streamlining their global waste management empire.


Vanden Global encountered growing pains in their quest for expansion, mainly owing to their reliance on bespoke Excel spreadsheets. What was once a nimble solution had metamorphosed into an operational bottleneck. The consequences were stark—plummeting productivity and the stifling of inter-departmental collaboration. Data, the lifeblood of their operations, was now scattered across their global footprint, akin to pieces of a jigsaw puzzle strewn haphazardly. This fragmented data landscape rendered obtaining a holistic view of their operations an elusive goal. Critical insights, the lifeblood of strategic decision-making, arrived late or not at all. Amidst these challenges, the competitive edge that Vanden Global had cultivated over the years was at risk of eroding.


In this crucible of challenges, De Facto consultants stepped in as trusted advisors, armed with a solution that would not just alleviate Vanden Global's woes but propel them into a new era of operational excellence. The answer lay in a meticulously tailored CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution, expertly woven into the fabric of sales and marketing automation. This wasn't just any CRM; it was a harbinger of transformation, a low-code development powerhouse that would redefine how Vanden Global conducted its business. It was an agile solution designed to breathe new life into their operations, transcending the constraints of Excel spreadsheets.


Adaptability and Cost Efficiency:

Vanden Global found themselves equipped with a CRM solution that was highly adaptable to the ever-changing tides of the waste management industry. They harnessed this newfound agility to optimize costs, unlocking unprecedented efficiencies. With scalable solutions at their fingertips, they could respond to market dynamics swiftly and offer innovative, value-added services that set them apart from the competition.

Fostering an Innovation Ecosystem:

Vanden Global's technical teams found themselves in a collaborative haven, working together with citizen developers. This synergy nurtured a culture of innovation and experimentation. With the CRM streamlining their processes, they were free to explore new technologies, develop cutting-edge solutions, and rapidly bring them to market. The innovation engine was running at full throttle.

Empowering Stakeholders:

The transformation extended beyond Vanden Global's internal operations. External stakeholders, including citizen developers and regulatory bodies, now experienced a more transparent, efficient, and responsive Vanden Global. This newfound empowerment streamlined regulatory compliance, improved stakeholder relations, and fostered trust in the waste management giant.

Centralized and Secured Data Access:

With Office 365 providing anytime, anywhere document access, efficient collaboration among employees was facilitated. This led to improved communication and decision-making, as teams could easily share information and updates. The organization's operations became more efficient and effective across all levels, enhancing customer service, response times, and overall performance.


Application Modernization:

Low-code development ushered in a new era of application modernization at scale. This not only freed up precious professional development resources but also accelerated progress on mission-critical projects. The wheels of innovation were turning faster than ever before.

Enhanced Scalability:

Scalable solutions were the linchpin in addressing Vanden Global's most pressing business challenges. They enabled significant cost savings while empowering the company to deliver innovative services that catered to the unique demands of the waste management sector.

"De Facto's low-code solution was a revelation for Vanden Global. It transformed our waste management operations, making us more agile, cost-efficient, and innovative. With their expertise and Microsoft Low-Code Development, we've not just streamlined processes but also empowered our teams to deliver outstanding results. De Facto's partnership has been pivotal in our journey to redefine waste management."

- CEO, Vanden Global (Recycling)

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