Customer: Exactive

Location: UK

Company Size: 11-50

Industry:  Communnication

Products & Services: Dynamics 365 Customer Service,  Power Pages

“Exactive, a UK-based unified IT communication services provider specialized in providing Skype for Business (formerly Microsoft Lync) Enterprise Voice, Microsoft Exchange; and Video Conferencing technology to the Enterprise and Mid-market.”

Enhancing Customer Service with Dynamics 365 and Power Pages


Exactive, a top-tier solution provider, acknowledged the changing nature of customer service in the digital age. Customers now expect easier service access, reliable information, and fast issue resolution, and meeting these expectations was a big challenge for Exactive. The company aimed to simplify access to its services, provide consistent and accurate information to its customers, and significantly increase the number of service requests resolved on the first contact. This case study reveals how DeFacto, in partnership with Exactive, leveraged the prowess of Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Power Pages to empower this transformative journey.


In an era characterized by instant access to information and a plethora of communication channels, customers have come to expect a level of service that transcends the traditional. For Exactive, the challenge was not just about meeting these expectations; it was about staying ahead of the curve. The demands for simplified service access, consistent and accurate information, and the ability to resolve issues on the first contact had become the new norm.

Exactive's commitment to customer excellence drove them to tackle these challenges head-on. The mission was clear - to revamp their customer service operations, reduce operational costs, and elevate customer retention rates. They aimed to provide a customer experience that was not just good, but extraordinary.


In synergy with DeFacto, Exactive embarked on a journey of transformation. We harnessed the capabilities of Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Customer Service and harnessed the adaptability of Power Pages to confront these pressing challenges.

The cornerstone of this solution was the creation of a dynamic customer self-service portal. Seamlessly integrated with Exactive's existing Dynamics 2015 environment, this portal consolidated customer data into one accessible hub, driving forward our vision of a streamlined, interconnected customer experience.

Benefits and Impact

Personalized Service:

Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Power Pages enabled Exactive to redefine customer interactions. Each engagement became personalized and interconnected, tailored to individual preferences, histories, and needs. This personalization not only delighted customers but also fortified their loyalty to the brand.

Efficient Operations:

Automation took center stage in operational optimization. Routine tasks succumbed to automation, liberating resources to focus on intricate inquiries and proactive customer engagement. This not only bolstered operational efficiency but also yielded outcome-based value for customers.

Measurable Success: Outcomes

Reduced Operational Costs:

The application of automation and streamlined processes led to a significant reduction in operational costs. This newfound financial flexibility empowered Exactive to strategically invest in enhancing its service offerings, demonstrating that customer-centricity need not come at the cost of fiscal responsibility.

Increased Customer Retention:

Exactive witnessed an extraordinary surge in customer retention rates. The personalized experiences and expedited issue resolution cultivated profound customer relationships, resulting in unwavering brand loyalty. It is a testament to the fact that customer retention is not just a metric but a testimony of trust.

Improved Onboarding Time:

The time required to onboard new customers witnessed a remarkable reduction. This not only impressed new clients but also allowed Exactive's customer service team to redirect their focus toward strategic initiatives, signifying that time saved can be time reinvested in innovation.

"In the digital age, the pursuit of transformation isn't just about meeting customer service expectations; it's about exceeding them. DeFacto joined hands with Exactive, introducing the power of Dynamics 365 and Power Pages into our journey. Together, we've not only redefined what exceptional service means but also elevated it to a whole new level. Our path to customer service excellence has been a profound testament to the incredible synergy of innovation and collaboration."

- CEO, Exactive

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