Customer: Aaron Equipment Company

Location: USA

Company Size: 51-200

Industry:  Machinery

Product & Services: Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Power Pages, Low-Code

“Aaron Equipment Company (A global leader in the Process and Packaging Equipment Industry)"

A Heavy Equipment Supplier’s Journey from Inefficiency to Efficiency through Digital Transformation


For over 75 years, Aaron Companies has upheld a singular mission: "To provide our customers with quality equipment, dependable service, and competitive prices." This commitment has earned Aaron a global reputation as a leading player in the Process & Packaging Equipment Industry. With an unmatched inventory of process equipment and a dedicated team of over fifty professionals, Aaron excels in equipment procurement, serving clients ranging from individual machines to extensive plant processes. Despite their illustrious history, Aaron faced a pivotal challenge - optimizing their operations and enhancing data security. Seeking expert guidance, Aaron turned to De Facto Infotech for solutions, primarily to address their on-premises Exchange 2010 environment.


Aaron Equipment's global operations necessitated extensive coordination across continents. Simplifying employee tasks, reducing travel time, and enabling seamless knowledge sharing were top priorities. Aaron aimed to empower its salesforce with enhanced mobile access, providing up-to-date information for more responsive customer interactions. Additionally, the company sought to foster innovation across the organization by encouraging idea generation among its employees. They faced critical challenges, including unreliable revenue forecasting due to inadequate confidence metrics, intuition-driven seller and sales leader actions, and an inability to meet customer expectations for personalized experiences due to a lack of a 360-degree view of the customer.


De Facto Infotech, a Microsoft partner, recommended the adoption of Microsoft Office 365 as the solution to Aaron's challenges. They highlighted how Office 365 would improve collaboration, streamline idea collection and dissemination, and enhance scalability. De Facto executed a seamless migration to Office 365 and provided comprehensive end-user training, relieving Aaron of their operational worries.

Customer Benefits

Cost Savings and Differentiation:

Aaron Equipment achieved substantial cost savings by leveraging scalable solutions through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Office 365. This scalability enabled them to adapt rapidly to market changes, expanding services without significant additional costs, and differentiating themselves as an agile industry player, ultimately offering innovative services to attract new customers.

Fostering Innovation:

Collaboration between technical teams and citizen developers was encouraged by Dynamics 365 Sales and Office 365, fostering a culture of innovation. Technical experts collaborated closely with non-technical employees, leading to the swift implementation of creative solutions, streamlined processes, and experimentation with new technologies, ensuring that innovative ideas were rapidly transformed into reality.

Empowering Stakeholders:

The adoption of Office 365 offered stakeholders greater transparency and efficiency, as documents and data were accessible anytime, anywhere. This enhanced transparency boosted trust and confidence in Aaron Equipment, enabling quicker decision-making and streamlining regulatory compliance, while also building stronger relationships with stakeholders, benefiting both customers and partners. 

Centralized and Secured Data Access:

With Office 365 providing anytime, anywhere document access, efficient collaboration among employees was facilitated. This led to improved communication and decision-making, as teams could easily share information and updates. The organization's operations became more efficient and effective across all levels, enhancing customer service, response times, and overall performance.

Measurable Success: Outcome/KPI

Application Modernization:

The adoption of Dynamics 365 Sales and Office 365 introduced a low-code development approach, which revolutionized how applications were developed and modernized within Aaron Equipment. This transition allowed the company to scale the development of critical applications significantly. By simplifying the development process and reducing reliance on professional developers, it freed up limited resources to focus on mission-critical projects. This not only expedited the delivery of new features and functionalities but also optimized the allocation of human resources within the organization.

Enhanced Scalability:

Aaron Equipment faced formidable business challenges in a competitive industry. The introduction of scalable solutions through Dynamics 365 Sales and Office 365 proved pivotal in addressing these challenges. Scalability here refers to the organization's ability to adapt swiftly to evolving market conditions while minimizing additional costs. These scalable solutions enabled Aaron Equipment to offer innovative services while maintaining cost-efficiency, enhancing its competitiveness in the market. In Aaron Equipment's transformative journey, the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) steered the ship by focusing on pivotal metrics. They closely monitored Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) to gauge financial sustainability, delved into Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) for strategic customer relationships, and scrutinized Marketing and Sales Return on Investment (ROI) to drive efficiency and sustainable growth. Simultaneously, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) zeroed in on Cost per Lead for cost-effective campaigns, CLV for fostering customer loyalty, and Marketing ROI to ensure marketing efforts aligned with revenue goals. The Chief Sales Officer (CSO) harnessed Average Annual Contract Value for revenue projections, Net Margin for profitability insights, and Sales ROI for revenue-centric strategies, collectively propelling Aaron Equipment's remarkable journey of success.

"Aaron Equipment's digital transformation with De Facto Infotech was revolutionary. They achieved cost savings, fostered innovation, empowered stakeholders, and secured data access. Their success in application modernization and enhanced scalability has propelled them to a new level of competitiveness. De Facto Infotech's partnership has been pivotal in Aaron Equipment's journey to redefine their industry."


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