Vanden Global Sales and Marketing Automation


Client: Vanden Global, a dynamic international waste management company supporting waste generators with a primary focus on plastics.

Location: Hong Kong, Malaysia, UK, Finland, Australia.

Company Size: 51-200

Executive Summary

Vanden Global (Recycling) is an international waste management company. Since the inception in 2005, the company is managing the entire process flow from waste material procurement, processing to sale and marketing of final products using highly customized excel sheets.  With the expansion of business to multiple locations, de-centralized data, the absence of team collaboration and unavailability of real-time updates become a challenge. 

De Facto consultants suggested Vanden a customized CRM solution for sales and marketing automation. The customized CRM solution streamlined their processes, and increased productivity, significantly.


After expanding to multiple locations, Vanden Global faced various challenges like de-centralized data, lack of team collaboration and unavailability of real-time updates, which hampered the working of the company badly. The company de-centralized data available in excel files, due to which the employees had to spend a lot of time and energy in accessing the data. Accessibility to right data at the right time is vital for the sales and marketing persons, but the team at Vanden Global was hit severely due to the limited access and availability of most current and updated information. The company wanted a solution to keep their sales and marketing team well equipped with the right information at the right time.

The client was facing another major issue, related to the working scenarios, as their production line staff was facing difficulty in working on a desktop while managing production line operations. Thus, it decided to consult De Facto for a solution.


Vanden Global consulted De Facto, and our business solution experts conducted an onsite visit, followed by a detailed study of the processes. After a detailed analysis, our consultants suggested the client a customized CRM solution for sales and marketing automation.

The sales and marketing automation solution proved to be a boon for the client, as its material management, sales and marketing further enhanced with the use of dynamics mobile apps and SharePoint integration for document management. Customized CRM with user targeted mobile interface and centralized document server helped Vanden Global to streamline their processes across multiple locations and increase productivity.

De Facto created ETL module to port data to Dynamics CRM and centralized the data scattered in excel files in across different locations. De Facto used offline available mobile apps to overcome the data accessibility and availability challenges. With the offline data availability, the sales and marketing teams at Vanden can access data easily, anywhere anytime, and thus close more deals.

Lastly, De Facto’s Dynamics tablet interface with customized forms worked perfectly to meet the working scenarios challenge. The interface helped the client’s workforce work more efficiently.


De Facto completed the project in the specified time for delivery, and now Vanden Global has a very successful and dynamic sales management system, well received and adopted by its employees.

Business benefits:

  • Centralized, easily accessible data.
  • Optimized customer engagement with intelligent applications that work seamlessly together in the cloud.
  • Transparency and streamlined workflow with seamless collaboration
  • Enhanced collaboration between different teams at Vanden.
  • Enterprise-level productivity went up with end-to-end process automation and detailed insights into sales trends and customer data
  • Complete transparency in sales and marketing process
  • Improved visibility into individual and organization business performance
  • Productive work environment.

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De Facto came to our rescue with the implementation of customized CRM solution for sales and marketing automation.

We are experiencing growth and ease, kudos to the team.