SharePoint 2007 Intranet Portal Implementation for a Monetary Authority



The client is a Government Monetary Authority, an integrated regulator of the financial services sector. It supervises, regulates and inspects financial institutions operating in or from within the jurisdiction.

Executive Summary


The client wanted a portal solution for better collaboration and content management, and to support information sharing within and across different departments in their organization. To achieve the same, the client consulted De Facto Infotech, which studied the entire scenario and provided a customized intranet portal fulfilling the client needs. The company saw instant results after deploying the solution.


The client wanted to build a portal solution that would enable collaboration and content management and support information sharing within and across various departments in their organization. The key deliverables of this solution were to improve employee collaboration, increase productivity by sharing information among employees, and streamlining business processes. In addition to this, the company had an issue of the mismanaged database of documents, images, and videos for its products and processes. The company also wanted to incorporate employee interactive tools on the portal to increase employee interaction and engagement.


Focus on user collaboration and adoption 

Our objective was to provide a portal solution that would engage the entire enterprise and enable employees to have a structured access to information and foster relationship among the departments. To deliver this, our team of SharePoint experts created an intranet portal solution, using Microsoft SharePoint 2007.

Based on requirements, De facto Infotech provided a customized intranet portal which provides access to enterprise information and applications to the staff on the company’s network. This helps our client to manage its data, applications, and information effectively and ultimately boost employee’s engagement and productivity.  The site’s implementation was tailored to ensure maximum ease of use and adoption by end users, content contributors, and IT administrators.

Key features

  • My Space: This section allows a user to quickly access the Microsoft applications, documents on specific drives, applications, relevant to the user and IT Service Desk. The user also has an option to personalize the links based on his work needs.
  • Staff Directory & Search: This feature allows a user to search employee information easily using search strings such as employees first/last name, department, and title among other filters.
  • People +: In this section, the user can view HR-related announcements and access other information such as employee benefits, employee handbook, and HR forms/applications.
  • Calendar: In this feature, employees could view their meeting schedule, public holidays, employee vacation days, events and project deadlines.
  • Departments- Here the users were given access to the specific department they belong to and ability to share and access documents and information specific to their department
  • Knowledge center– Knowledge center provided an unparalleled opportunity to develop distinctive knowledge, training and encourage innovation. Resources available were as follow- Learning & Development Resource Guide, Consultation Papers Core Training Schedule, Presentations, Guidance notes, among many such relevant documents.
  • Got a Suggestion & Forum Section: Got a suggestion feature acted as a platform for employees to engage, submit a suggestion and seek inputs on an issue. Forum section was used as an internal tool to post queries related to unofficial topics.
  • Other features added were as such- Photo Album to view and share pictures; Daily updates section and Don’t forget section to send out general announcements.


Completed in the decided time frame for delivery, the portal was extremely well-received by the staff & the top management.  The company saw immediate results after deploying the solution proposed by the De facto team. The major improvements are easier access to information, increased employee engagement and streamlined business processes. Preliminary analytics have indicated steady & high usage of the intranet among employees.

Benefits Achieved:

  • Improved way of document management for the organization
  • New ways for employees to engage and exchange ideas, suggestions and post queries
  • Easier to edit, publish and share information for the employees
  • Greater operational efficiency through the faster dissemination of latest announcements/events to all employees

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De Facto’s customized intranet portal enabled easier access to information, increased employee engagement and streamlined business processes. We are glad, we chose them.