Are you ready to simplify your company’s complicated purchase request process?

Are you ready to simplify your company’s complicated purchase request process?
Posted 04.18.2021 By admin
Is your company struggling with decentralized manual purchasing? Frustrated with all the inter-departmental conflicts, errors and maverick spend, arising from the current situation?

Several growing organizations find bottlenecks in their purchasing and order management processes, resulting in inter-departmental conflicts and budget mismanagement, indirectly impacting business performance.

Growing organizations must shift from unorganized spending and purchasing to organized and strategic spending without wasting additional time and money.

de facto recognized the hiccups created by the purchasing and requisitioning process and started developing a user-friendly platform to assist companies like yours in transitioning from complex purchasing to simplified, quick, and centralized requisition processes.

When should your organization invest in Rapid Requests?

Depending on the setup of your organization, you need to assess and evaluate your current purchase requisitioning process. You may come across issues such as-

  • Long buying cycles
  • Unmanaged requests and spending
  • Decentralized requesting and record-keeping
  • Excessive manual work leading to errors and duplicate entries

If your company happens to face similar issues, then immediately look for an alternate way of performing purchase requests. Before we jump into the app’s capabilities, let’s briefly understand purchase requests and their importance. 

What is a Purchase Requisition?

A purchase requisition/request is an internal document that authorizes the purchasing department to buy items or services. After a purchase requisition is approved, one can generate a purchase order. Purchase orders are the external documents that the purchasing department submits to vendors.

Requisition purposes make the process of fulfilling requisition demand more flexible. When you create a requisition, you can assign one of two purposes: consumption or replenishment. Depending on the requisition purpose and the setup of your organization, requisition demand can be fulfilled by purchase order, transfer order, or production order.

How does Rapid Requests App help your company?

de facto is launching an application on top of Dynamics 365 Business Central, capable of solving and structuring company-wide purchasing process. This intelligent yet straightforward app will offer internal departments a platform to raise requisitions for any item and track the order until it shows up on your desk.

This centralized app streamlines requesting, ordering and receipt of goods without switching into another app. Every step is well-governed and flows into a sequential approval workflow. There are multiple checkpoints and SLA’s which guarantees accountability and quality of data.

Needless to say, this app is a one-stop-shop for all your requisitions, right from handling simple stationery orders to complex engineering BOMs. Rapid Requests gives you a 360-degree view of all your orders and others in your department.

Moreover, the app will cut down all unmanaged spending, costs, duplicate entries, errors, and bring the entire organization under the same buying umbrella.

Why should you choose Rapid Requests?

Rapid Requests is a user-friendly app, easily operated by anyone in the organization with little to no training. Here are a few reasons why our customers find it user-friendly:

  • Easy Navigation
  • Clone Requisitions
  • Track via dashboard
  • Personalized view with multiple filters
  • Access department-wise view
  • Easy approvals from dashboard or email

What does the app offer you?

Our app is a one-stop shop for all your purchase requisitions. It covers all the fundamental requirements requested by standard organizations. Here are few salient features to help you make a quick decision-

  • Manage internal requisition and orders
  • Raise purchase requests on-the-go 
  • Indent, purchase & store modules
  • Real-time tracking of indents
  • Access dashboard for tracking
  • Clone requisitions for future use
  • Workflow management with a multi-level hierarchy  
  • Auto-update notification cubes
  • Centralized purchasing data storage
  • Auto check quantities and measurement units
  • Transfer Orders (Shipment and receipts created automatically)
  • Customize Reports
  • SLA based process
  • Minimum Purchase level indication
  • Email-based approval notifications
  • In-built integration with Microsoft Outlook

Who can use the app in your company?

The answer is relatively straightforward – anyone in the company.

All users with access to the app can use the app to raise purchase requests for ordering new items or finished items. All departments such as production, engineering, admin, HR, marketing, sales, finance, IT, etc., can place orders and purchase items on Rapid Requests.

We understand, migrating from an existing system can often feel like a humongous task and face reluctance from employees. It is normal if your organization is in the same boat. However, companies planning to change the status quo by moving to strategic decision making, streamlining operations, and delivering a better customer experience cannot escape the transition process that will impact the business one way or another.

Allow de facto to assist you in answering all your questions related to the Rapid Requests application, and help you understand the best way to migrate from your old systems.

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