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Student Information Management System is transforming remote education
Pandemic or No Pandemic, Student Information Management Systems are here to rescue!
Posted 06.7.2021 By Abhishikha Chatterjee

Student Information Management System is not a new term that demands an in-depth introduction. Briefly, the student management process exists in the majority of private…

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What do Higher Education students want in 2021?
Posted 05.5.2021 By Abhishikha Chatterjee

Do we know higher education students well? Are we familiar with the challenges and opportunities pertaining to higher education? Post pandemic education is not at…

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Setting Client Satisfaction Benchmark- Abhishek Kumar and Gaurav Badoni
Posted 04.18.2021 By admin

“All de facto Infotech employees I have interacted with continue to be very responsive, thorough, methodical, and excellent at development, applying changes as we asked…

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