How omnichannel experience is transforming customer service?

How omnichannel experience is transforming customer service?
Posted 11.30.2020 By Abhishikha Chatterjee

Omnichannel experience is transforming customer service in all industries. It is the presence of online portals and centralized data that makes omnichannel support a reality.

When customers shop and engage on multiple channels and multiple devices- interconnected to each other- it is evident that customer expectations will rise. To complete the purchase cycle in totality, offering seamless service on– social, email, SMS and social channels are inevitable.

Omnichannel experience not only offers a satisfying experience but allows channel preference to the customer. Granting a choice of service channel can boost customer satisfaction multi-fold and eventually impact customer loyalty and retention.

Take, for instance, ticketing system, email, and customer care. If the three work in isolation and do not talk to each other, then customers are not just puzzled but feel frustrated during their service engagement. However, this is not the case with omnichannel customer service offered on cloud solutions like Dynamics 365.

Now, before you confuse omnichannel with multichannel support, let us get to ground zero and differentiate the two.

How is multichannel support different from omnichannel support?

Clients can receive multichannel support through a variety of channels. But each channel works in a silo and does not offer interconnection. Now, this is where omnichannel experience clearly takes the lead. In omnichannel support, customer information is available on all channels and interwoven to produce a holistic experience to the customer.

How can you ensure omnichannel customer support?

Post-sales experience is the trickiest part of customer engagement. This is the point where customer relationships make or break.

Considering the fragility of customer relationships, omnichannel support experience through the right kind of solution can uplift customer sentiments.

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Customer Service enables instant connection and engagement with customers on their preferred channels. Channels, for example, Live Chat and SMS, are the engagement channels which will allow your agents to attach with customers in real-time and supply quick, personalized help.

One can interact seamlessly with customers in real-time. This is through Chat for Dynamics 365, asynchronously with SMS (in public preview), or AI-assisted service together with your own bot built on the Microsoft Bot Framework.

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