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Since 1999, Distribution Property Solutions, Inc. (DPSI) has helped national and international distribution and manufacturing clients optimize space, reduce labor and improve energy efficiency.  By implementing its “Think Inside the Box” strategies, existing operations are transformed from obsolete and outdated to optimized space saving, energy efficient labor-saving operations.

As a specialized design-build contractor and manufacturer’s representation firm, DPSI manage all aspects of the after-shell process from Tenant Improvements and Storage Systems to Industrial Automation and Warehouse Peripherals. DPSI’s network of manufacturing, industrial real estate brokers and subcontractor partners work in collaboration to provide the best and most cost-effective after shell turnkey solutions.

When they approached De Facto Infotech for help with their on-premises Exchange 2010 environment, De Facto found that DPSI would most benefit from Office 365 as well as better security and data control.


DPSI didn’t have the time to manage the hardware of their existing environment. After seeing substantial growth in past some years, the company realized that it needed to upgrade its technology infrastructure significantly. Also, operating dozens of sites-projects simultaneously, they have an ultra-mobile workforce. Their users had different versions of Office installed due to which even simple tasks became cumbersome and time-consuming. Where they hadn’t grown was in their technology. They were aware of the need to centralize their information. Rather than burdening their employees with finding ways to merge different platforms, they contacted De Facto for options.

DPSI’s ultimate objective was to implement a scalable environment that saves time and resources so that its employees could devote most of their time to more strategic projects.


De Facto successfully executed DPSI’s migration to Office 365 and trained end users. The new system’s scalability relieves DPSI of the worry that they will run out of disk space or have critical elements of their environment down for periods of time, both situations that they had seen in the past.


With Office 365 implemented, cloud applications like Skype for Business/Lync and SharePoint have opened up communication lines and boost collaboration. The implementation has cut DPSI’s licensing and hardware expenses while relieving it from the time burdens of maintaining their environment, doing backups, patching, and ensuring they didn’t run out of space.

With employees on a single platform, they are working more efficiently. Also having critical business information like purchase orders, invoices and job costing centralized and online deliver a lot of benefits. Now they have documents created, stored and easily accessed by everyone in the central data center. They have remotely accessible information that is now available in real time. It allows the project managers to evolve from being concerned with data entry and upload to focusing on and running their jobs more effectively. As a result, now they can run their projects better and make more money doing it.


  • Safe, centralized data
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Agility for mobile workers
  • Unparalleled flexibility
  • Better communication and collaboration

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De Facto not only successfully executed DPSI’s migration to Office 365, but also trained end users. 

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