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Most of the offices, large or small, want to go paper-free but managing digital docs is as complicated as dealing with hard files. Document Management System is the answer to the challenge of efficiently sharing and collaborating, storing and archiving, and ultimately eliminating outdated records. SharePoint document management system stands among the top spots if we talk about document management, as a lot of organizations are already using Microsoft products for other tasks. But is it right for you? In this article, we cover seven key features to look for in a document management system, and what is SharePoint Document Management System.

Key Features to Look for in Document Management Systems

Different businesses have different needs, but still, there are some basic requirements that your document management system must possess. We are here with a checklist to ensure you invest in the right Document Management System:

Costing: Your choice must offer a quick and meaningful return on investment (ROI). You can expect lower licensing costs from cloud-based solutions.  

Search capabilities: Your purchase should be able to satisfy your need to quickly find files. The system must allow you to search by the name and content of the file.

User-Friendly: How can you expect a system to flourish when it is not even easy to use? The difficulty of a document management software is inversely proportional to the efficiency of the system.

Mobile accessibility: Your adoption must be easily accessible on smartphones and tablets.

Better integration: A good document management system easily integrates with the programs the users are already using.

Collaboration and social networking: It must allow multiple users to view and add their contributions to a document, that too in real-time, based on permission.

Security: The system must be fully secured in terms of restricting who can see specific documents, assign a user ID; password management; role-based security; automatic logoff settings etc.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a collaboration and intranet building tool intended to provide a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information. Launched in 2001, the browser-based platform has seen the release of six versions and is presently offered in on-premise, cloud, and hybrid versions. 

Why SharePoint Document Management System?

Document management has never been a smooth task to do. The market is equipped with many common software which can make this task easy for you. But SharePoint document management system can easily provide support with its intranet solutions for management, organizing, sharing, download-upload, storage of organization’s internal documents.

If you are running a huge organization, but managing all your documents without a document management system like SharePoint, chances are your documents are highly unorganized, and difficult to be found instantly for use. 

Think about making things easy, and work documents organized to save your time, energy, and increase the efficiency of your employees. Get SharePoint document management system now. Still not convinced, here we are with the reasons why this system makes the perfect pick for all kinds of your document management needs:

  • Security: If you manage by email, the probability is you’re blasting your company with sensitive information. Email management is not just cumbersome and ineffective, but also unsafe. If you consider security perspective, it’s highly recommended to keep important documents behind a firewall where they are easily accessible by the employees, and you don’t need to send it through email.
  • Single Sign-in: SharePoint lets you access all the apps with a single sign in. Stay miles away from the hassle of signing-in again and again.
  • Automation: If we talk about the makers of SharePoint, they say that SharePoint’s workflow is similar to an automated flowchart, as it erases a lot of labor, guesswork, and randomness out of the usual work processes.
  • Version History Ease: There is a better way to manage things if you use email, SharePoint understands it well. It allows you to easily check the version history of an email, like at times in corporate environments, a document is sent back and forth many times and in the process, it gets difficult to find out which is the updated version of the document. But, with SharePoint by your side, you can seamlessly check documents, have employees edit them, and repeat the process anytime in the system.


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