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Microsoft Employee Portal

What is an Employee Portal?

An employee portal is also known as an enterprise portal or intranet portal. It is a secure site where you can easily share and discuss information within your company or organization, keeping all your staff on the same page. An Employee Self Service portal can be a part of or used along with an employee intranet. Employee Self Service portal is a gamut of benefits for employees.

Your employee portal is a great way to provide on-demand information and support your employees on internal cases, and instantly circulate work-related updates and news. An employee portal allows the team to focus on the success of your customers, sales partners, and their fellow employees.

Why should you have an Employee Portal?

An employee portal can be a very powerful tool for your organization. It can save company resources, optimize employee engagement and accelerate processes, but it’s only possible if your employee portal is created thoughtfully, keeping the end user in mind.

Make your employees self-sufficient in all aspects with Employee Portal

Employee portals empower the employees to work better in an organization. Here are some features that make employee portal irresistible for any business:    

  • An employee can easily access all employee portal data easily with a single uniform credential. It is that easy, as the login credentials that an employee gets at the time of joining remains the same for all web pages of the organization.
  • The employee service portals are separated into different sections, making the search for the required information easy and efficient. If you are looking for leave-related details, just drop into leave management section.
  • These portals let the employees track their performance that forms the basis of the annual performance tracking. Both employees, as well as the managers, can track the performance notes, which prove highly beneficial at the time of employee appraisal discussions.
  • Policies change with time, and it stands absolutely true in the case of company policies also. With these employee portals in place, employees can easily follow the changes quite closely and can interact in these employee portals for doubts.
  • Employees take leaves, and the scheduling of these leaves often become tricky for the management. But, employee portals make tracking and management of the employee leave quite easy and efficient.

Microsoft Portals: Get Powerful, Secure Self-Service Employee Portals

Support your employees with Microsoft employee portal, providing a source of information, policies, and practices at their fingertips. The employee self-service portal comes out of the box with a small set of sample pages and templates. The employee self-service portal is designed to provide your internal employees a space to ask questions, browse knowledge, and provide feedback.

Microsoft Portals: Benefits and Features:

Microsoft portals offer an array of features and benefits on which you have to spend money otherwise. For example, when you get a Microsoft portal, there is:

  • No need to invest in resources for environments (Local hosted or Cloud hosted)
  • Easy to configure; shortened installation and configuration time.
  • No need to consider Portal version upgrades since this is cloud hosted by Microsoft.

In a nutshell, Microsoft portal keeps you covered with:

  • Website
  • Hosting
  • User License
  • Integration
  • Manageability

With Microsoft Portals you enjoy:

  • Web portal solution based on Dynamics 365 portals
  • Complex Event Management for scheduling course, conference, training
  • Omnichannel (Multi-channel) support for web, social, chat, email, telephone
  • Online self-serve solutions with rich user experience
  • Microsoft (SaaS) Software as a Service
  • Azure cloud deployment or self-hosted option is available
  • No code approach
  • Portal theme and custom branding to match with your website

How can De Facto help you?

Every portal has a different functionality, but De Facto Infotech can help you deploy portals that go perfectly with your business needs. De Facto can help you with two kinds of CRM portals Adxstudio Portals v7.x and Microsoft CRM Portals v8.x. If you need a portal customized for more specific audiences, we offer tailored portal configurations too. Whatever your needs, De Facto’s portal experts can help you implement exactly what you require.

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