Office 365: Migration to Exchange Online

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What is Exchange Online?

Exchange Online is the cloud version of Microsoft’s popular Exchange Server offering email services, calendar software, and contact management capabilities to businesses worldwide. Previously companies needed to install the Microsoft Exchange Server on an internal server, which required either in-house maintenance or an outsourced service provider. Exchange Online doesn’t need in-house maintenance as Microsoft can take care of all of this. The best part, Exchange Online is available as a standalone service or as a packaged option with Office 365 subscription, including Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and Skye for Business.

We’ll help you learn about the different migration paths you can take, such as staged or hybrid and its architecture.

Cutover Migration

Hybrid Exchange Deployment

Staged Migration

IMAP Migration

Third Party Migration

Reasons to migrate to Exchange Online

Many businessmen don’t realize the importance of migration to Exchange Online, until given the reasons to go for it. Here are some reasons why you must migrate our mail services to Exchange Online:

  • Cost Savings: Every business wants to make decent profits in their businesses, for which they need to cut the money spent on business expenses like software and hardware resources. Exchange Online not just offers a lower price point than the standard Exchange Server, but is also monthly subscription which means you aren’t required to put all your money in one place.
  • Flexibility and Scalability Microsoft Exchange Online is highly flexible and scalable, as you can add and remove users simply like logging onto a website. You can easily manage the accounts via the Exchange admin center, featuring an easy-to-use web-based interface.
  • Mitigation of the Risk of Data Loss: Microsoft Office 365 (including Exchange Online) promises guaranteed 99.9% uptime, which assures your data is safe in the cloud. Also, Microsoft has enterprise-level security protections, redundancy, and backup protocols in place. It manages your data in the cloud and has continuous fail-safes that make sure your stuff is available at all the times.


Why DeFacto Infotech is the perfect place for Exchange Online Migration

Are you planning to migrate to Exchange Online from some email platform? De Facto Infotech offers a smooth migration from exchange server to Office 365. De Facto assures seamless migration from traditional on-premises e-mail to the growing Microsoft cloud.

Discover different options available when migrating to Exchange Online from different sources. Whether your customer’s mail service is on-premises or in the cloud, you’ll get the best method for getting your customers to Exchange Online.