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Microsoft Customer Portal

A customer portal is a private, secure website that allows businesses make account-specific information assessable to customers like cases, credit status, invoices, available rebates, product and order information, calendars, etc. It enhances customer relationships by providing complete 24×7 access to up-to-date information.

What makes customer portal unavoidable in today’s fast-paced world?

Today, customers are always in a hurry and connected. With the adoption of smartphones and on-demand services, customers want to interact directly with the businesses for their needs, whenever they feel convenient. Client relations has become the backbone of all kinds of businesses including shopping and insurance to healthcare and financial management. Businesses are putting their best foot forward to provide the tools that allow customers to interact with the company whenever they want.

One thing that every business certainly needs to stay ahead in this highly competitive world is the delivery of excellent support and case management to customers. The Microsoft customer portal comes with a small set of sample pages and templates.

You can make the best use of Microsoft portal for customer service to create a space for customers to submit and manage cases, access information, and submit feedback.

  • Self-Service: Self-service is the main reason that is driving more and more companies towards customer portals. With a customer service portal in place, customers can update their payment information, can access their payment history anywhere anytime, when it is convenient for them. Providing an online portal has become an essential part of delivering a satisfying support experience. After all, if you don’t meet the basic expectations of the customers, they will definitely move to a business fulfilling their basic expectations.
  • Easy access: Portals give the customers an easy access to the basic details that often drain a lot of time otherwise. Previously, if customers wanted to know the status of an open ticket, they had to contact a member of the customer support team and wait until a rep responds. Customers can easily get the information they need independently through a customer support portal. This means a customer gets an answer to all his queries or doubts right away with an online portal.
  • Portals provide information logically: Nobody likes being delivered to scattered information when they need something urgently. And, customer portals solve this issue beautifully. Online customer support portals bring all self-service features together at an accessible place, providing information in an easy to understand way. A portal allows the customers to take care of all of their support needs in one convenient location.
  • Customer portals reduce agent workloads: Who doesn’t want to increase employee efficiency while optimizing customer satisfaction? Everybody does, and this is exactly what an online customer support portal makes happen. Because customers can look up the status of their own tickets, agents don’t have to spend time answering questions such as, “Has someone looked at my ticket yet?”


Microsoft Customer Portal

The world is overflowing with customer portals, but it is vital to make a wise decision by choosing a powerful, user-friendly customer portal. Microsoft customer portal is one such portal which offers a gamut of features for optimized client relationships.

Microsoft portal is an extension to your CRM system, the best way to make information accessible to organizations so that they can extend business processes to the web, expand their reach, and cut expenses across sales, service, and marketing. With this portal, you can create customized spaces that can host your content and be used as launch pad for tailored applications.

Microsoft portals give external users the access to CRM content through a contact record and allow specific content assessable based on their web role(s). It lets the CRM Administrator use CMS style functionality right from the Dynamics application.

Don’t waste any more time, enable your customers, partners, and employees to work with and access information from your company efficiently, anywhere, anytime.

Benefits and Features: Microsoft Portals:

Microsoft portals offer an array of features on which you have to spend money otherwise. For example, when you get a Microsoft portal, there is:

  • No need to invest resources in environments (Local hosted or Cloud hosted)
  • Easy to configure; shortened installation and configuration time.
  • No need to consider Portal version upgrades since this is cloud hosted by Microsoft.

In a nutshell, Microsoft portal keeps you covered with:

  • Website
  • Hosting
  • User License
  • Integration
  • Manageability

With Microsoft Portals you enjoy:

  • Web portal solution based on Dynamics 365 portals
  • Complex Event Management for scheduling course, conference, training
  • Omnichannel (Multi-channel) support for web, social, chat, email, telephone
  • Online self-serve solutions with rich user experience
  • Microsoft (SaaS) Software as a Service
  • Azure cloud deployment or self-hosted option is available
  • No code approach
  • Portal theme and custom branding to match with your website

How can De Facto help you?

Every portal has a different functionality, but De Facto Infotech can help you deploy portals that go perfectly with your business needs. De Facto can help you with two kinds of CRM portals Adxstudio Portals v7.x and Microsoft CRM Portals v8.x. If you need a portal customized for more specific audiences, we offer tailored portal configurations too.

Whatever your needs are, De Facto’s portal experts can help you implement exactly what you require. We can offer a customer service portal intended to be a critical-path platform to provide 24/7 support for the products and services that you offer.