Dynamics 365 and DocuSign Integration

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What is DocuSign?

DocuSign is an electronic signature service for documents that need to be signed by clients. Make approvals and agreements simple and convenient for everyone involved with this easy to use, quick to learn and easily implementable product. So, in this digital age, why settle for less, just choose the best eSignature brand, DocuSign.

Integrate Dynamics 365 with DocuSign?

Dynamics 365 and DocuSign are two highly innovative products that can streamline the workflow of any business. Together they give you the flexibility and convenience any successful business needs to stay on the top. Streamlining the workflow, the integration of the two products provides an unprecedented level of efficiency. Get approval, obtain signatures from anywhere within Dynamics 365 and seal more deals.

DocuSign + Dynamics 365 = Thumbs up

The innovation becomes double with these two products together. Here is how this integration can make your workflow a breeze:

  • DocuSign for Dynamics 365 allows you to sign or get signatures on a document easily. The best part is it has preconfigured ‘Sign’ and ‘Get Signatures’ actions enabling you to easily send or sign a document saved in DocuSign for Dynamics 365.
  • Get a 360-degree visibility and full control into your sales process. The signer gets a notification when a document is changed, and the users stay updated with the entire process.
  • Close business faster with DocuSign for Dynamics 365 which is created with sales process in mind. Easily send the contracts to the people you choose, give decision makers the access to review and approve contracts in a matter of minutes. Don’t worry, signed agreements are legally binding and backed by a court-admissible audit trail.
  • DocuSign for Dynamics 365 is a platform you can configure and customize to integrate with most business processes. It is built for flexibility. DocuSign provides a complete set of APIs along with documentation and world-class SDK.

How can De Facto make it happen for you?

De Facto Infotech is a leading Microsoft-partner, you can rely on. Our innovative team of CRM-ERP experts boasts the perfect skill-set and technical knowledge needed to implement the right solutions for you. We bring together the right idea and professionals who can create a perfect path for your digital transition.