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Seamless HR Management Feels So Good

To accelerate your human resource processing, you need an innovative solution. One that covers every aspect of the practice, powered by intelligence and automation, and helps capture the optimum talents. That’s De Facto’s HRM solution.

Transformation Is Here

Fill the vacancies in your company with immense talent. Get a 360-degree view of all the stages in the process, right from the vacancy notification to the first contact with the candidate through tests and interviews, evaluating the appraisal results and candidate approval/hire.

Yes, it’s that easy…

We Keep You Covered

The HR solution for CRM covers all the core categories under HRM, including

  • Recruitment
  • On-Board workers
  • Organization Business Processes’ Management


Work Smarter and Faster

Recruitment In Clicks

Recruitment becomes easy. Make quick, smart talent decisions with automated job adverts’ publishing, application management, CV selection, candidate selection, interviews, skills analyzing, and more. Administer recruitment initiatives anytime, anywhere. Experience ease right from the moment an applicant approaches you to the time he becomes an asset for your company and beyond. The HR solution does it all for you.

Accelerate Key HR Processes

Spend more time helping employees grow. A digital file maintains comprehensive worker information from the day an employee first applies for a job to the day retires. Data automation saves time and minimizes error probability in the HR processes. No more digging into piles of paperwork. Any information you need is just a click away.

Peaceful Benefit Administration

Build employee satisfaction with automated benefits administration. Define organizational benefit plans and options effortlessly, enroll workers in benefits easily, assign dependent coverage, and designate beneficiaries the right way. Relax, while an HRM solution does all benefit-related calculations.

Foster A Culture of Excellence

Get fast and efficient access to employee data at your fingertips, through selection and customizable filter criteria. Manage worker competencies well, deploy the right people for the right tasks and review performance levels anywhere, anytime. Comprehensive activities and tasks for personal development.  Accelerate the productivity and business impact of new hires.

Simplify Compensation Management

Define compensation plans with full clarity and ensure pay for performance. Easily design and implement compensation task workflows with highly flexible, role-based administration. Design eligibility rules to identify employees eligible for compensation plans. Organize and implement performance reviews like never before.

Optimize Organizational Management

Administer organizational structures, including formal and informal hierarchies and position management easily. With no scope of error in the organization management, the solution is surely something that assures 100% employee satisfaction. Enhance business impact and drive an agile, high-performance culture with HR tasks automation.

Fast Track Employee Growth

Easily set up, deliver, and analyze training courses. Drive the next best action for professional growth with role-tailored experiences. Monitor employees’ availability for training events, and schedule a session accordingly.

Absence Management

Establish, communicate, and monitor absence policies to keep a check on absenteeism. Get real-time access to workforce absence data like working time, absence transactions, and absence setup. Design the best monitoring absence policies.

Time And Attendance

Implement and track profile-based clock in and clock out registrations for workers, enable workers to register work time for specific activities, and generate pay information with ease. Ensure your employees make most of the time while they are in the workplace.

Self Service

Accelerate productivity with employee self-service. Make time-tracking, leave request and entitlements, sick leave reporting, target agreement, etc. accessible to your employees. Let them organize absences, activities, travel expenses and receipts, without involving HR department.

Mobile App

Supervise, manage and execute any HR related task from anywhere, anytime right from the device in your hand. Work with ease and accelerate the pace of your working for higher productivity.


Experience a whole new way to work with these benefits of HR solution for CRM:

  • Go highly productive with employee self-service
  • Centralize screen to supervise data entries and employee history
  • Digital files and instant data modification options
  • Outlook-integration for smooth communication
  • Role-tailored experiences to drive the next best action for employee professional growth

Do you want to avail all these features?  Contact De Facto Infotech, now.

You can thank us later.