Click Dimensions Integration

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Create sophisticated marketing campaigns and attract more leads, close more sales and engage customers easily with Click Dimensions integration. Make the most of your solutions by marketing it the right way, and making sure they reach your target audience.

What is Click Dimensions?

ClickDimensions makes the Microsoft technology of Dynamics 365 work exceptionally well for marketers by ensuring great customer experiences. This marketing automation platform is natively integrated with Dynamics 365, freeing customers from the need of any kind of complex implementations. It syncs systems that give users unparalleled access to CRM data for better segmentation, hyper-personalization, and marketing success. With essential marketing tools like email marketing, campaign automation, web intelligence, surveys, web forms and landing pages, social marketing and more, ClickDimensions helps organizations using Microsoft Dynamics 365 attract more leads, close more sales and engage customers effectively. And you can do it all from the comfort of your Dynamics 365 environment, so you can reach their world without leaving yours.

Why should you integrate Dynamics 365 with Click Dimensions?

Click dimensions and Dynamics 365 integration

Bridge the gap between the sales and marketing and bloom your sales like never before with Click Dimensions. Together with Dynamics 365, Click Dimensions make a powerful package. Right from the single screen, you can easily perform all the core tasks of your business. Be it sales processing, reaching out the right kind of market, tap the target customer base, or closing more deals, Dynamics 365 and Click Dimensions make it happen, seamlessly. This default integration is highly useful in this era in which customer is the king, and all the business growth depends on the customer interactions, conversations, and leads.

De Facto Infotech can help you with Click Dimensions Integration

Enhance your business productivity now by integrating your Dynamics 365 with Click Dimensions. Market your products and services the right way. ClickDimensions helps you engage, discover, and do a lot more with social media right from Dynamics 365. Get your hands on a wide range of social tools to connect your marketing activities with popular social channels.

The dedicated team of experts at De Facto can assist you in gathering information related to your prospects using web forms, surveys, and more – all directly from Microsoft’s customer relationship management system (CRM). Add value to your sales and marketing with ClickDimensions.