The outmoded marketing and sales system at Aaron Equipment Company and the absence of automation in the sales and marketing processes subjected Aaron to a relatively lower berth in terms of productivity, customer engagement and reach. The overall sales team turnover went down mainly because of inconsistencies in data management, use of inefficient business applications for sales reporting and forecasting, and lack of a standardized single repository to provide detailed insight into customer information to its sales division.

The company was also facing workforce downtime as the system created inefficiencies within the organization. Due to the inability to easily view and track data, employees had to give a lot of time to find the information they needed. Amid such a scenario, the company was seeing top management downtime, as the Aaron Equipment Company’s top management had to spend a lot of time on low-priority, low-productivity administrative tasks than on sales and marketing. In addition to that the multiple instances of inaccurate sales information due to variability in sales processes globally, and lack of presence on mobile platforms, added to the company’s woes. The company needed a solution to build customized campaigns in Dynamics CRM supported by a user-friendly interface to manage campaigns. It realized the need of having a custom CRM solution in place to overcome inefficient operations.


After a lot of research, Aaron Equipment Company decided to consult De Facto Infotech for assistance. De Facto’s experienced CRM consulting professionals assessed the existing scenario and Aaron’s sales, marketing and customer management systems. After studying the entire scenario, the team created a customized opportunity management solution integrated with CRM to help the sales team streamline lead management, opportunity conversion, and reduce the turn-around time on client requests. Customized functionalities like Opportunity workflows, Custom Opportunity search, and Custom Opportunity entry in CRM 2011 were developed for the smooth flow of opportunity follow-up and a user-friendly and custom functionality. The CRM solutions’ architects came up with a customized campaign management solution using Silverlight, which automated campaign management activities for the marketing team. Using this campaign management solution based on ‘nurture marketing’, the CRM user could easily update contacts and create targeted campaigns based on marketing objectives. It provided a platform to automate the process of the client follow-up using start triggers like web-activity, e-mail activity, and web forms. In addition to that, the solution allowed users to define a list of clients using predefined filters. Once associated with a campaign, the solution ensured that client receives all communications in a timely manner.



De Facto reengineered Aaron’s sales process flow with the implementation of a robust sales management system to facilitate streamlined sales processes and detailed insight into data for better decision making. Key Features

  • Unification of sales processes across departments
  • Transparency and streamlined workflow with seamless collaboration
  • Forecast accuracy: long and short-term forecasts across multiple parameters like region, product, etc. for product segmentation

Business Benefits

  • Significant, multiple benefits were achieved through automating sales management process and setting up a unified repository for customer and sales data management
  • The CRM platform implementation enabled automation of customer interactions, resulting in enhanced customer experience, increased customer loyalty, and higher profitability.
  • Enhanced collaboration between different teams and divisions at Aaron
  • Significant improvement in enterprise-level productivity with end-to-end process automation and detailed insights into sales trends and customer data
  • Complete process transparency and visibility of individual and organization business performance
  • Improved processes surrounding client acquisition and retention


Completed in the stipulated time for delivery, Aaron Equipment now has a very successful and dynamic campaign management system that has been well received by their clients. Key Features

  • Improved marketing planning and budgeting tools
  • Quick creation of targeted marketing list
  • Simplified campaign launch and management capabilities
  • Intuitive customer responses tracking
  • Customized reporting and analytics feature

Business Benefits

  • Improved processes surrounding client acquisition and retention backed by consistent communication
  • Tailored campaign messaging and monitoring capabilities for effective CRM
  • Ensured continuous message delivery and compliance as per marketing objectives
  • Improved ROI (return on investment) by reporting and analyzing customer responses
  • Helped in building long-term relationship by getting more work from existing clients

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De Facto’s idea to implement a customized CRM solution for sales and marketing automation transformed the way we work. Kudos to the team.