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Transform Employee Experience with Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Automate HR Functions to create a productive workplace where employees and business thrive together.

Scalable HR Solution

Adapt and work with a secure and scalable HR solution that is easy to tailor to your growing organization needs

Transform Employee Experience

Make self-service portals accessible to your employees to get the information they need.

Drive Business Performance

By simplifying and optimizing HR processes, improve performance across all functions.

Redesign employee experience

Invest in experience to improve performance

Employee performance is directly related to employee experience. Investing in Dynamics 365 Human Resources ensures a workplace where people and the business thrive.

  • Enabling a self-service employee portal can let employees handle profile updates, performance, training, and time-off requests.
  • Empower managers with access to team performance data, optimization of team impact and addressing immediate employee-related concerns.
  • Create a centralized and rich employee profile that includes career accomplishments, skills, certifications, and interests.
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Improve Productivity & Efficiency

Reduce complexity, increase organizational agility

When workforce practices are disconnected and lack a cohesive strategy across the company, the result is high turnover rates,longer hiring cycles, and lower employee engagement.

  • Invest in a more structured view that accurately reflects organization structures, hierarchies, and job descriptions.
  • Improve efficiency by leveraging automated processes, workflows, and task management.
  • Personalize the HR solution through an intuitive and customizable interface.

Optimise HR Programmes

Right size and simplify HR processes

Mobile-responsive platforms and optimized applications are critical for employee journey.

  • Streamline leave and absence reporting by creating compliant programmes that meet changing global regulations.
  • Develop compensation programmes based upon defined guidelines and automate company-wide rollouts.
  • Flexible, configurable HR self-service enrollment tools allow for benefit groups, hierarchies, flexible credits, and auto-enrolment.
  • Fasten payroll, budgets, and tax filings process by integrating payroll providers using Dynamics 365 Finance for comprehensive OPEX tracking.

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Make Informed Decisions

People analytics is an asset, use it wisely

Structured statistical insights about employees make expediates talent management decision-making.

  • Impact decision-making with rich dashboards from Microsoft Power BI -making it easy to analyze and visualize all your employee record.
  • Continuous tracking and analysis of all HR programmes with embedded analytics.
  • Lessen complexity by using Microsoft Dataverse to centralize data, integrating Dynamics 365 Human Resources with existing applications.
  • Encourage collaboration by capturing employee sentiment using survey insights using Customer Voice.

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