What do Higher Education students want in 2021?

What do Higher Education students want in 2021?
Posted 05.5.2021 By Abhishikha Chatterjee

Do we know higher education students well? Are we familiar with the challenges and opportunities pertaining to higher education?

Post pandemic education is not at all the same as it was before covid-19 happened. While learning and curriculum are still the same, the mode of teaching, examining and assessing students have changed in particular.

For now, we may not be able to time-travel( bound to happen someday) and change the year gone by but adapting to the present situation and adding value to students education is in our hands. Technology is the biggest benefactor for the education industry, but just aligning tech to education operations does not amount to anything.

We categorically identified the areas technology can solve for Higher education students. Check it out-

Source: Higher Education Reimagined | Opening Keynote https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=narXkKmAMaw



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