Setting Client Satisfaction Benchmark- Abhishek Kumar and Gaurav Badoni

Setting Client Satisfaction Benchmark- Abhishek Kumar and Gaurav Badoni
Posted 04.18.2021 By admin

“All de facto Infotech employees I have interacted with continue to be very responsive, thorough, methodical, and excellent at development, applying changes as we asked of them. Very adaptable to our changing priorities, and excellent at communicating.” – Michael Jacquin, Acting Manager Business Systems and Analytics Corporate Services | Interrelate

Not every day, we receive a client appreciation that is so deep and meaningful that you wish to dig deeper to learn more about the outperforming project team. We, too, did some quick investigation, and here is the story behind the customer testimonial.

Building trust by overcoming migration challenges and acing the Dynamics 365 intricacies

Our employees have been put through challenging circumstances and unprecedented changes since the pandemic hit the world. However, customer focus and on-time delivery did not take a back seat. Moreover, our clients did not stop noticing our dedication and unwavering determination towards project timelines and milestones. 

Captured here is short evidence of two of our employees- Mr Abhishek Kumar, Associate Director Business Applications and Mr Gaurav Badoni, Junior Software Engineer, eliminated all obstacles on their way and collaborated excellently with our client in Australia.

From Left, Meet Gaurav Badoni and Abhishek Kumar

The Torch Bearer- Abhishek Kumar

Abhishek Kumar often snatches the limelight as a growing leader. His leadership quality did not stay hidden from the customer too. He highly appreciated Abhishek for consistently providing guidance and coaching to his project team, where seeking ideas on development and issue resolution was a primary activity.

One of the reasons many clients find it comfortable to work with Abhishek is the adaptable and considerate behaviour that takes into account suggestions and alternatives proposed to him and his team. His knowledge in all technical aspects of Dynamics 365 and licensing of Microsoft products continue to impress our customers. He is recognized as a well-deserved ambassador for de facto and the Microsoft product suite.

Someone who has worked under Abhishek is fortunate to experience project execution with a true Mentor and Strategist. While he directs the projects and sets a path for his juniors, he encourages ideas, which are executed at the right time but solicited daily. He has been instrumental in eliminating hesitation in newcomers and pushing them on the battlefield with a bird’s eye view of their tasks. Making mistakes under his guidance is also an opportunity to revise, learn, and grow through the errors.

Abhishek has contributed to business solution development in the past two decades. He is uniquely known for his proactive approach of upgrading the technical team on newer technologies/versions, whether handling a client requirement or not.  

The Hard-Worker- Gaurav Badoni

“Gaurav excels in Dynamics 365 CRM and possesses in-depth knowledge of internal functioning of the processes. He is excellent at troubleshooting CRM and related issues. One of the reasons he stands out in the race is his adaptive nature, quick-thinking in development resolutions, and meeting customer deadlines.” – Abhishek Kumar.

Our customer was in constant touch with Gaurav and acknowledged his hard-working spirit and efficiency in managing time & effort. He is recognized for his unparalleled knowledge in all technical aspects of Dynamics 365 and excellent at taking a lead role in development tasks and providing incidental technical support to the client-side employees- at short notice.

One of his key deliverables was to sync the CRM data with a Government Site (DSS) to release a certain amount of funds. The task was time-bound and needed an optimal way to get the data without compromising on data quality. Gaurav accomplished the task well before time and met the customer expectation. 

Gaurav is a true asset to the company- never shying away from customer challenges thrown at him. We wish both Gaurav and Abhishek good luck in their future endeavours in the company. And, thank them for their hard work and sincerity towards all customer projects. 

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