Customer Portal for Dynamics CRM Powered by ADX Studio


ClientExactive, a UK-based unified IT communication services provider specialized in providing Skype for Business (formerly Microsoft Lync) Enterprise Voice, Microsoft Exchange; Video Conferencing technology to the Enterprise and Mid-market. Location: UK          Company Size:  11-50

Executive Summary

Exactive wanted to optimize its customer service to simplify the access to services, provide consistent and correct information, and to boost the number of service requests that are resolved on the first contact. To deal with this situation, it consulted De Facto for the solution. The team at De Facto studied the entire case, understood the scenario, and discussed the design prototype. It finally developed a customer self-service portal for Dynamics 2015 powered by ADX Studio, which allowed the client to join its customer database with the portal’s customer service features, bringing all the customer data in one place.


Exactive wanted to offer optimized customer service by providing easy access to services, offering consistent and error-free information to the customers at the earliest possible. The idea was to grow the number of service requests that are resolved on the first contact. The company also needed a 360-degree view into how CSRs were handling service requests (SRs) and complete visibility into how long it took to reach a resolution. Besides, the client intended to host an online knowledgebase to ensure that the customers receive an instant resolution to generally asked customer queries and issues. Exactive was seeing inconsistency in handling customer service requests, delays in resolving customer queries, inaccurate insight into support processes, and increased in process cost and customer grievances. Ultimately the company decided to consult De Facto Infotech for a solution.


De Facto Infotech developed a customer self-service portal for Dynamics 2015 powered by ADX Studio to optimize Exactive’s customer service. De Facto studied Exactive’s present situation, grasped detailed information about the issues faced, discussed the design prototype before developing the customized self-service portal. Using the combination offered by De facto, Exactive successfully merged its customer database with the portal’s customer service features, which allowed it to collect all the customer data in one place for awesome accessibility. Considering the urgency on the part of Exactive, De Facto designed and built the portal in just 6 weeks, surpassing client expectation for a cost-effective solution on an accelerated timeframe.

How De Facto’s Solution Benefits Exactive?

De Facto Infotech professionals build a Customer Portal for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which allowed Exactive to offer portal capabilities to their customers while tracking and managing the interactions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The best thing is that the Customer Portal for Microsoft Dynamics CRM works seamlessly with all deployment models for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, including on-premise, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and partner-hosted. Now, with the portal in place, Exactive’s customers can raise case/ticket. Whenever any customer will do so, the workflow will start in CRM, notifying the CRM admin that a new case has been posted. Before raising a new case, a customer can go through the knowledge base available to find issues and solutions posted and if a customer doesn’t find the appropriate solution then he can raise a new case along with detailed notes and can also attach relevant documents/Images to the case. Customers can also set the priority level to get the cases resolved well in time. They can review their cases and are informed about the progress on the case. Customers can also schedule a service and can manage the service which is similar to the case/ticket. They can upload documents to a document library and can only access the documents to which they have permissions.

Key Features of the Portal

  • Multiple channels for customers to raise request and get served
  • Easy to navigate for administrators as well as customers
  • Automatic routing of raised requests to appropriate support individual
  • Mobile notification for raised requests
  • Administrators can easily track new issues as well as closed requests
  • Easy-to-use knowledgebase to resolve most common customer queries
  • Portal integration with Exactive corporate website
  • Users can create their profiles on the portal to facilitate customized and scalable communication with Exactive
  • Users who provide email can easily opt out of periodic newsletter subscription list upon resolution of their case
  • Provision to add geo-location tools for generating map-view of service request or customer query
  • Once a service request is submitted, a unique service request number is assigned to it. That number stays with the service request even if the request type changes, and can be referenced by both the website and by the CSRs, eliminating confusion about multiple case numbers for the same incident.
  • The solution gives administrators better oversight into the customer relations processes
  • Dynamics CRM also keeps track of each service request’s status, and alerts administrators when a request needs to be escalated
  • The site also allows customers to upload photos of service requests, cutting down investigation time by customer service representatives (CSRs). Customers can review prior service requests and annotate them, as well.

Business Benefits

  • Fine-tuned operations and streamlined administration
  • Cost-cutting and efficient delivery of services
  • Improved customer satisfaction levels
  • Reduced inbound queries due to knowledgebase resolution


Customer portal for Dynamics CRM powered by ADX studio has streamlined the way Exactive deals with its customers, optimizing their Customer Service. The customers can now easily access the information they need and get an answer to their queries right away.

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