CRM as xRM Framework Implementation


Client:  The Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA), an ICT Regulatory body responsible for regulating the ICT Sector in Zambia.

Location:  Zambia

Executive Summary

ZICTA wanted to grow, change, collaborate & manage important data across its several departments thus, it approached De Facto for suggestion on an appropriate CRM solution implementation. De Facto Infotech analyzed the situation and suggested ZICTA to go for Microsoft Dynamics CRM as an xRM Platform that will effectively serve their purpose. Microsoft Dynamics® CRM is the best pick because of its internet accessibility, affordable costing, and flexibility with xRM extensibility modifications. It proved to be an ideal solution as suggested by De Facto to set up a centralized system for the organization.


Basically, ZICTA needed a technology-system platform that can enhance scalability with the growing number of processes, along with sustaining ZICTA’s public relations, legal, finance, market, procurement, and technology service activities. The idea was to introduce a platform that can effectively capture and interpret important data, both structured and unstructured, and sustain the management of the business side of ZICTA’s market- and technology-related operations.

ZICTA wanted to implement Dynamics CRM across the following departments:

  • Information and Consumer Protection
  • Legal
  • Public relations
  • Market, competition & Licensing
  • Technology
  • Procurement & engineering
  • Finance

De Facto’s Idea Behind CRM Implementation

After studying every aspect of the situation, De Facto decided to implement CRM:

  • To provide a single point of consumer interaction through integrated communication tracking
  • To deliver a reliable, functional stakeholder management platform through better reporting and information provision
  • To deliver a complaint management system handling application to effectively respond to clients and offer better reporting to stakeholders
  • To deliver a client communication module for all ZICTA departments to enhance client satisfaction through a single source of data
  • To provide a system for contract handling, expiry tracking and communication handling
  • To provide a mass mailing application for all stakeholders

To provide a platform for managing various stakeholders: tracking meetings, resolutions and status reminders


After analyzing the scenario, De Facto Infotech suggested ZICTA to go for Microsoft Dynamics CRM as an xRM Platform that effectively resulted into:

  • Enhanced automation: Many critical or monotonous tasks were automated, relieving employees from performing them manually.
  • Faster deployments: Software plug-ins expanded the functionality of the core Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, as a result of which now developers don’t have to build applications from scratch.
  • Security: Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides robust security features, such as security roles for users and objects that limit access to sensitive data, SSL connections for data transfer, and more.
  • Stability: Microsoft Dynamics CRM provided the stability of an enterprise-level CRM system on which developers can build applications.
  • Integration: xRM solution connected existing systems to CRM, freeing data trapped in outdated systems. Microsoft Dynamics CRM also provided native integration with Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office applications, including Outlook, Excel, and Word.
  • Powerful native features: Powerful workflows, reporting, data modeling, web services, etc.
  • Usability: ZICTA employees were totally familiar with the user interface of Microsoft Dynamics CRM as they had previously used Microsoft Office applications.
  • Scalability: xRM solution scaled to match the needs of the organization, regardless of its huge multi-disciplinary size.

Business Benefits

The implementation proved highly beneficial for ZICTA as:

  • It gave ZICTA the power to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM in a traditional sense, along with significant additional benefits with an extended xRM application that De Facto integrated seamlessly with their other systems across different departments to manage policies, underwriting processes, and approvals.
  • It enabled ZICTA to build custom applications within minutes or days, instead of weeks or months on their legacy system. This shortened the time it takes for them to reap the value of their system and lowers overall deployment cost.
  • It provided ZICTA out-of-the-box user interface via Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook, and Mobile Express. Each of these experiences was further customized using built-in form editors and other customization techniques, helping increase employee adoption of the new system and reduce training costs.
  • This platform empowered ZICTA employees to build applications without having to use code or be expert programmers to make basic changes.
  • The platform enabled ZICTA to securely deliver line of business (LOB) capabilities to multiple units around the premise, with full support for multiple languages and currencies, allowing their system to grow with their operations.


  • A centralized database to store important data across different departments
  • Improved consistency of data entry
  • Implemented new standards throughout all of ZICTA departments
  • Improved contact visibility beyond address and demographics
  • Improved mail efficiencies using centralized system
  • Simplified registration process for leads and contacts
  • Improved customer interaction tracking
  • Removed redundant and duplicate data using Scribe.
  • Reduced maintenance and overhead cost as compared to traditional database management system

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De Facto was good. Their team planned things well upfront to keep pace with my requirements, responded to instructions promptly, and offered a great platform for me to scale our operations. Well done!